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Get back your smile in one day

Replacing a mobile denture with a fixed implant prosthesis is the dream of any patient who has lost all their teeth. In just 24 hours, he can change his life for good. Fast & fixed concepts represent a system of modern implants, which allow the patient to enjoy a new and complete teeth in one day. The Fast & fixed system allows the use of between 4 and 6 per arch, a revolution of the old classic systems where between 8 and 10 implants were needed on each arch. After only one day and surgery, the patient (usually over 45 years old and only in the case of those where teeth can no longer be saved) leaves the clinic with implants and fixed prosthetic work with which he can eat, talk and smile. without discomfort.
Advantages of the procedure:

  • A new smile in one day
  • Only one intervention, fewer visits
  • Without pain
  • Revolutionary implant system
  • Rejuvenated physiognomy
What are the steps in the procedure?
The Opus Dental Clinic team has experience in the treatment of the most complicated cases of total tooth reconstruction. In just 24 hours, the patient who arrives without teeth, can go home with perfect teeth from an aesthetic and functional point of view. Everything, completely safe and without pain.
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Step 1 Consultation, Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

  • Make an appointment;
  • Consultation (investigations: diagnostic pictures, blood tests, dental tomography, study models);
  • Radiological examination;
  • Development of treatment plans;
  • Explaining the steps of patient intervention.
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Step 3 The Final Work

  • After the healing period (approx. 4-6 months), the temporary work will be replaced with the final fixed work;
  • The fingerprint is taken so that the technicians can carry out the final work in the laboratory;
  • The final work will behave like natural teeth;
  • Indications and contraindications.
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The joy of smiling in one day!
Fixed teeth in 24 hours is the solution no. 1 in the world for restoring teeth and for regaining a beautiful and functional smile. The technology produced by the German company Bredent has been used successfully in hundreds of thousands of cases worldwide. Pain-free, low cost, perfect results.

100% professionalism

The surgery will be performed by an experienced doctor.

Modern technology

The treatment is a modern one, made with the help of the latest equipment and technologies

0 pain

It does not hurt! Anesthesia techniques are much improved!

Comfort right after surgery

You will not have the sensation of a foreign body in your mouth, due to the laser therapies used to accelerate healing.

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